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Jet Ski Tour

We assure, you will not be able to stop your wow! By the exciting Jet Ski tour Dubai with us. You will enjoy the Jet Ski experience better in Dubai with the available international facilities. The skilled and experienced staff provides proper instructions and guide to their customers before jumping into the ocean to enjoy the Jet Ski riding. If you are using very first time, the staff also provide proper training before your first ride. The normal session start with two hour riding if you already experienced Skier. Two things are so amazing and attractive in Dubai that attracts thousands of Jet Ski riders from all over the world. The rider always wants a sunny day and warm water for his perfect ride that can only be available in Dubai.

Jet Ski Dubai Tour a Landmark of Fun

The atmosphere of Dubai is naturally provides these both facilities to the riders. The Gulf water is naturally warm and the days in Dubai are commonly sunny. So it is a natural gift for you. There is the long list of Jet Ski rental providers in Dubai, if you search on Google for just five minutes. Now it is easy to book your Jet Ski tour Dubai easily on internet even from your home. Water sports are now common in Dubai and it is considered as one of the best place for this kind of sports. There are so many natural and manmade lacks in Dubai where this water sport is being entertained so well. Dubai administration and some other private contractors are taking keen interest in water sports in the city. Several steps have been taken to enhance the scope of this sport in the city. Jet Ski tour is commonly booked through travel agencies and tour operators throughout the world to offer quality, unique Jet Skiing services in Dubai.

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Jet Ski Dubai

Visit and enjoy the better Skiing experience at Dubai's warm water. Jet Ski is mostly arranged by the families in Dubai as they know the facilities available there are unmatched with any other country of the world. So book your Jet Ski Dubai tour with us if you are going to visit Dubai with your family. Our instructors provide proper guideline and talk about security measures that you and your family members need to take, while enjoying this amazing water sport. We suggest you to experience Jet Ski Dubai if you have already experienced this water sport in different other countries of the world. We assure you will have a better and unique experience with us. Phoenix Tour Jet Ski Dubai Tour proudly offers this trip for the beginners as well as for the skiers. Our well versed of English language and trained skier take you singly into the warm waters of Gulf with all safety measures. The skiers love warm water and sunny days and Dubai is well established with these natural gifts. Dubai Water Sports Association invites skiers from Europe and United States and host week-long competition at Dubai.

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Dubai City Bus Tour

The tour is devised to be your instant guide to all that the city of Dubai has to offer to its tourist and residents alike. Throughout the tour, you'll come across places like historically significant Al Fahidi Fort that came into existence back in 1800s. Dubai Museum is also located in close proximity to the Fort, both of which will let you explore Dubai's historical and cultural heritage. The tour will also let you see the grandeur of Islamic architecture through famous Jumeirah Mosque.

The mosque was built back in 1979, and is a something worth experiencing. Famed Jumeirah Palm Beach is also an agenda on the tour from where you can also catch a peek of soaring Burj Al Khalifah. Before the tour concludes at the Sheikh Zayed road, trip will also let you view exotic Palm Island. Sheikh Zayed road is one of the famous roads in Dubai, housing renowned landmarks of Dubai.

Dubai Tour Packages
The packages that we offer are priced at:

  • AED 110 per person for a group of four persons
  • AED 100 per person for a group of six persons
  • AED 90 per person for a group of twelve persons
  • AED 80 per person for a group of more than thirty persons

These prices also include the cost of pick up and drop of at any location of your choosing, located within Dubai and Sharjah.